Certificates of compliance is a document which certifies that the services supplied meet the required standards.
It is used to ensure that the services provided meet safety regulations & aren’t hazardous in any form.
A plumbing certificate of compliance is used to certify that all plumbing work done complies with all regulatory requirements.
Only a registered person/company may issue a certificate of compliance whether it’s plumbing or electrical.
Certificates of compliance are valid for 2 years from the date of issue unless any alterations are done.
A beetle certificate of compliance is needed to support the sale of a property (OTP).
It is necessary for homeowners to acquire a certificate of compliance when installing electric fence.
In some instances a certificate of compliance is also needed for insurance purposes.

Certificate Of Compliance


Issued to verify that electrical installations or appliances meet safety and regulatory standards.


meets the necessary standards to prevent and mitigate infestations by wood-destroying beetles.


certificate confirms that a plumbing system or water supply meets the required standards and regulations for safety, functionality, and quality.


This Certificate ensures that gas-related installations, appliances, and systems meet safety regulations, providing confidence in their proper functioning and minimizing potential hazards.

Electric Fencing

An electrical fencing compliance certificate verifies that an electric fence installation adheres to safety regulations and standards for protecting properties and ensuring public safety.